WK 525


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1 580,00€

Garantía5 años casco / 2 años equipamiento
Eslora (longitud)525 cm
Manga (ancho)54 cm
Tamaño de bañera 80×43 cm
Medida interior bañera 80×43 cm
Compartimentos estancos3
Medida Tapas24cm, 15cm, 44x26 cm
MaterialFibra de vidrio - Carbon/Kevlar
PesoFiberglass: 23-24 kg / Carbon/Kevlar: 21-22 kg

WK 525 is a very fast crossing kayak. New in 2018!

Compared to WK 500 and WK 540, it is narrower and has a slightly lower front cover.

Due to the long waterline and the Swede Form design helmet, it slides easily into the water.

The footrests are installed in a way that the posture of the legs is centered, is much more ergonomic than the conventional position (footrests installed on the walls) and allows transmitting the strength of the paleo starting from the legs. As in competition kayaks.

The height of the knee area is more than generous, just to be able to row with the legs centered.

The center of gravity is very low.

The design of the rudder kayak must be of the somewhat round hull, therefore, the secondary stability is usually better than the design kayaks for skeg ("square" hull).

This allows you to create a rounder helmet = less contact with water and more speed.

You are quite protected from the water when there is bad sea, not so much water is filtered by the area of ​​the bathtub and you go as wet as in the kayaks of profile design lower English type.

Both the initial stability and the secondary stability are very good.

The creators of Wolrld of kayak have achieved in this model WK 525 to demonstrate that with 525 cm of length they get the same or even more speed than other manufacturers with a longer length, which implies; more material, higher cost, more weight and worse maneuverability.

The WK 525 is a very fast fitness kayak, a worthy competitor with its 525 cm of longer kayaks.

Ideal for training, competition, long or short excursions.

If you are looking for a fast kayak and you like speed and do not want to suffer from instability, then WK 525 is your model.

Available with competition seat.

Material options and colors:


Cover and white helmets with design in black, red, yellow or blue.

Black cover and helmet with design in white, red, yellow or blue.

Carbon / Kevlar

White cover with black, red, yellow or blue design, Carbon / Kevlar helmet in sight.

Black cover with white, red, yellow or blue design, carbon / kevlar cover in sight.

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